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Mad Monster Lab

Reading the instructions is a must before starting a project.

Be very careful cutting out the print, leave a little edge to glue to the inside windows.

You can decide for yourself whether to put printed pictures in 

place before painting or after. Here I decided to before.

Now the walls are next to be painted, but before that place the printout 

pictures in the windows, glue, let dry and then glue walls in place.

This is the mechanics of the model , this makes the ghosts go in

 and out of the door. Be careful gluing these parts so that 

they do not stick and not operate properly.

And this is the finished product as I envisioned it, but everyone has their 

own ideas and that's the fun and creative aspect of modeling, you can paint it

 or adjust it for your own artistic tastes! And as Morticia would 

say "Le Voila" ( thats french..."kiss kiss kiss" that Gomez)

Here are some of my other creations , "my" Monsters that started me out

And everyone's favorite dream house, complete with mother Bates herself.

These are some pics of a new Model kit I finished making today, 

3/10/2011 - The Munsters Living Room Model Kit from Polar Lights.


Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows- Daytime TV Soap 1966

Barnabas Collins -Vamoir of Dark Shadows  daytime tv soap

Here is a little award for you all to cut and paste to your own website.


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