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 ALERT!!! CALLING ALL HORROR HOSTS ! If you are a Horror Host of Television, Internet, Radio or a Live Public Show and have had at least one or more show 

please take a moment to look at this new Registry Type Group dedicated to the memory of our good friend "Uncle Lars" aka Larry Gibbs 

and if you like what you have read in "Group Description" section I urge you to join. Thank you . This is a restricted group , Horror Hosts Only as it is also a registry type group for

 Gargoyle Manor- The Monster Museum Horror Host Hall of Fame that also serves as an educational forum and depository of experienced help for all Horror Hosts.

Thank You, Go to : https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/ groups/HorrorHostUnion/info

 if this doesn't work then please email me with your email address and i will sign you up, email me at bobbygammonster@yahoo.com . Thank you
.P.S. : You will have to be signed up with Yahoo.com to join, a minor little thing but still is free , just a bit of time required. Thank you



Welcome to our online version of of our real life Horror Host of Fame 


Gargoyle Manor - 

The Monster Museum

Vampira- Maila Nurmi 

the very first horror host ever started in the 1950's.

 The Mother of Horror Hosts 

Zacherley -known as the father of horror hosts 

go here to learn more   http://zacherley.com/ 

Elvira- Mistress of the Dark brought horror hosting to the public in the 1980's and into films .

These three horror hosts are no doubt the most recognized 

and known but the are not the only horror hosts

 that deserve recognition there are so many many more that came along the way through television

and now we have the internet. There are many websites up about all the older, as well as newer horror hosts, 

as well as there are "Horror Host Hall's of Fame" but this one will not only be 

about all the hosts that made it big either being the first ,

 popular or whatever else. This hall is for all "horror hosts" ,

 no votes, no popularity contests, just Horror Hosting of horror-/monster movies. 

So if you are a host or know of one that needs to be mentioned and remembered

 please email me at bobbygammonster@rocketmail.com

 and send in a picture and some info to be included not only on this wall but

 also in my real life monster museum's wall of horror host fame

 where it can be seen for generations to come.   (this is a work in progress)   

http://terrordaves.com/tag/karlos-borloff/    Learn more about this amazing Horror Host

Penny Dreadful and Garou of "Shilling Shockers"


  Count Gore De Vol  Television Horror Host and the very first "Internet Horror Host" 

 Dr.Ivan Cryptosis 

Mr.Lobo -TV Horror Host

  The role of Sammy Terry has been held by two people and originated with Robert "Bob" Carter in 1962. 

His son Mark took over the role from his father.

HORROR DUNGEON with Captain Crypt 

Janet DeCay -Daughter Of The Ghoul

Baron Von Ghoulstein

Freezer Mortis

Jack Angry Omaha Shock The Angry Bros

Various Faces of Elder and New Generations of Horror Hosts 

  find out more 

about these and more go to www.terrordaves.com

Everyone listed is a Horror Host of their own show whether on television or internet

 Even if they host a live horror /monster show in public they are eligible , 

no one is voted on , they are here either posthumously or have volunteered to be here

 but all are honored and respected for the works they have done or are doing toward 

the goal of keeping the monster way of life alive.   

Copyright Bobby Gammonster

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