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Here you can find out more about us and our world. 

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Mad Monster Lab

This is a licensed bust of Boris Karloff as "Frankenstein's Monster". 

It has a certificate and very nicely done. 

I urge you all to visit Mr. Karloff's daughter's website,  www.karloff.com


In 1961 Aurora Model Company began putting out a line of Monster models.

 I try to maintain their color with touchups every year or so.


I thought this was just the most suitable piece to exalt the monster way. Perhaps someday there will be a life-size version somewhere in the country.

This is a reissue of the famous monster calendar masks that Don Post came out with in the 60's.

This is Glenn Strange as "Frankenstein's Monster". Strange played The Monster in House of Frankenstein, House of Dracula, and Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein. 

He also played "Sam the bartender" on the old "Gunsmoke" western tv show. 


This is one of my new "hobbies" - my new embalming room. 

Actually the diplomas on the wall are real as well as the table - but don't worry, Hector there has always been "embalmed".

This is a portable 1918 morticians embalming kit - the case itself is made of wood and leather and the contents are the tools of the embalmer. 

These are my new additions -

 I just love my new "hobby."

See what interesting "things" you can create with mad science?

Hey Mom and Dad,

this site is a very fun and 

a "monsterrific" site for your kids 

to learn about science.


Monster Bash 2010- We had a blast again at the Monster Bash 2010 however this time we were vendors, under our business name of Gothic Charms! We not only got to meet a lot of famous people we also were able to sale some of our products to them as well!

We got to meet Penny and Garou again this year  and they got to meet my pal, Boris the Buzzard!

Now enjoy all the pics from 2010 at the Bash and next year Vampires will be among us at Monster Bash 2011!

Check out all of our pics of the 2010 Bash

We have lots of Monster Bash 2011 pics HERE. 


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