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Episode 1"Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks"


Episode 2"Frankenstein's Daughter"
Episode 3"Creature from the haunted sea"
Episode 4"Grave of The Vampire" staring William Smith
Episode 5 Attack of the Crab Monsters is not in the Public Domain and was taken down.
Episode 6"Blood of Dracula's Castle" 
Episode 7"Terror in the  midnight sun"
Episode 8"Bloody Pit of Horror"
Episode 9Daughter of Darkness
Episode 10Pit an Pendulum starring Vincent Price
Episode 11The Screaming Skull"
Episode 12"Bucket of Blood" starring Dick Miller
Episode 13"Plan 9 of Outer Space" starrinig Vampira and Bela Lugosi
Episode 14"Dementia 13"
Episode 15"Carnival of Souls"
Episode 16"Giant Behemoth"
Episode 17"The Terror" Boris Karloff
Episode 18Vincent price in Shock
Episode 19 "Horror Hotel" 
Episode 20Son Of Nagagi"
Episode 21 "The Scarlet Letter"
Episode 22"Scream Bloody Murder
Episode 23Black Sunday starring Barbara Steele
Episode 24Dickens The Christmas Carol" narrated by Vincent Price

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