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Episode 1  "Tales from the Crypt" 

Episode 2   "Crypt of the Living Dead" 
Episode 3   "The Head" 
Episode 5   "The Brain" 
Episode 6   "Snow Creature"       

Episode 7   "The Brain That Wouldnt Die" 

Episode 8 The Atomic Brain

Special Episode - 13 Ghosts

Episode 9 I Monster

Episode 10 Isle of the Snake People Boris Karloff

Episode 11 Monster of Golden Gate

Episode 12 Satan's School for Girls

Episode 13 The Tingler"
Night Of the Ghouls Vortexx Special
Episode 14 "Drive-In Massacre"
Episode 15 "And Now the Screaming Starts"
Episode 16 "Frankenstein's Island"
Episode 17 "The House that dripped Blood"
"Santa Vs Krampus Special"

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